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No compromises

In the 01.2010 issue of the German magazine PAGE, I give a round-up of 'sustainable' packaging design in Japan and argue that eco-friendly packaging should not neglect to leave a lasting impression.

See the full article here (German only, but also a lot of pictures).

And many thanks to Verena Dauerer!

Lecture - "Faced with a foreign country's product world"

Using the examples of MUJI and Japanese Packaging Design, I will talk about different consumer perceptions evoked by products of a foreign country, and their use not only for marketing purposes but also as a trigger for critical reflections.

The lecture will be held on Thursday, July 2nd at Daito Bunka University, Tokyo, as a general education offering.

Tokyo Urban Changes

After living for more than three years in Tokyo, I am now an official citizen of the beautiful city of Kyoto in Western Japan.

To say goodbye to Tokyo, I re-photographed a picture sequence "the way home from the station", which I took at the beginning of my time in Tokyo and paired the new pictures with the old ones.
The result resembles those riddles where you have to compare two pictures and find the differences.

I was aware of many changes (e. g. a new underground line was opened, shops disappeared, buildings were pulled down and new ones were built), but by arranging the photographs, I realized even more details: There were trees cut down, companies changed their corporate identity, street furniture was altered…

Have fun with finding the differences!

Dreaming away

The March edition of the Dutch consumer trend magazine Second Sight is about escapism, daydreaming, time out, and the various services and products that appeal to consumers to relieve themselves from daily life and pressures – even if it’s only briefly.
For Japan, I report about the "from the kitchens of the world" (世界のkitchenから) series by Kirin beverage and MUJI's mission to reduce complexity.
The full article is in Dutch. A picture stream of the "from the kitchens of the world" beverages is in my Japanese Packaging Design Database.

Thanks to Katrin Paul who took my portrait and the Sparks network of Raphaels.
Sparks is a unique network of 200 experts from leading markets across the globe, who excel in the fields of design (fashion, graphic, industrial), new media, architecture, advertising, sociology and technology. Please view my sparks-profile.

kansei x tsukuba x design

The University of Tsukuba
introduces its achievements on Kansei Science and Design in an exhibition at AXIS Gallery in Roppongi. It includes the works of the Laboratory of Kansei Information Science, the institute where I studied and for which I worked recently.

2009/03/27 (Fri) ~ 03/31 (Tue)
11:00 ~ 19:00, last day until 17:00

The reception starts at sunset, 17:59, on March 28th (Sat) as a part of the Roppongi Art Night.

Japanese Memoscapes

Exhibition at Cafe Pause
2009/03/09 (Mon) ~ 03/15 (Sun)
12:00 ~ 23:00, last day until 22:00

Meet me at the Cafe on March 14th (Sat) from 19:00~.

'Japanese Memoscapes' are details taken from the Japanese cityscape transformed into lined papers offering a unique space to take notes. More...

A huge THANK YOU to Jean Snow!

Cover Picture

My photography of Japanese Packaging Design has made it onto the cover of MATTER magazine. The cover-story features my pictures as well. For more about my work on Japanese Packaging Design please have a look here.