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Exploring the "UNESCO Design City KOBE" in a bus

Photograph by Rie Nitta

In 2008, Kobe was appointed as a UNESCO City of Design. To commemorate the appointment, many design related events are held every year around the 16th of October, the actual day of the appointment. Among this year's events is a "travelling editorial team meeting in a bus". I am happy to be a member of this editorial team, together with Lucas Badtke-Berkow from Knee High Media and Duncan Brotherton from OOO Projects. We will look around Kobe as a kind of research for a prototype media which spreads Kobe's creative contributions and potentials to its citiziens as well as to the design world.

There are 10 seats for guests to join our tour, more here, or join us on facebook.

And many thanks to Tetsuya Goto from OOO Projects.

"Nothing can last"

is the title of the current issue of STYLEPARK Magazin fuer Produktkultur (No. 24, Summer 2011), a magazine in German published by the international platform for architecture and design Stylepark.

Transience is the theme of the entire issue and I have contributed with a piece about evanescence in Japanese Packaging Design. One example featured is the frequently changing Tirol Choco. The design of each variety of these very small, square shaped chocolates is always different -- reflecting the idea that ‘nothing stays the same’.

Please see the full article here (sorry, only in German).

And many thanks to Nancy Jehmlich.

Wow, it turns into a card case!

Look at our exhibition flyer: A normal DIN A4 format, but yes, without the use of scissors, just by folding, you can turn it into a card case. In the right size for business cards.

This flyer is a wonderful team work of Tetsuya Goto and Duncan Brotherton of OOO projects and me.

It reflects the processuality and playfulness of Japanese packaging design -- aspects we also highlight in our exhibition.

The exhibition can be seen until March 21, 2011; 11:00-21:00 at D~ba in the E-ma building in Osaka (Umeda).

There will be a designer talk with Akio Okumura on March 12, 2011; 17:00 - 18:00, followed by a casual reception party from 18:30 on, and a gallery tour with me on March 20, 2011; 14:00 - 16:00. For more, please check

First Sign

Since FLAG 007 is delivered in Osaka (and Kyoto as well), the first sign of the upcoming JAPANESE PACKAGE DESIGN EXHIBITION is visible.

While we -- Tetsuya Goto and Duncan Brotherton of OOO projects and me -- work on the flyer, on the website and of course on the exhibition, why not read the FLAG article (English and Japanese) and find out more about our concept.

And mark this date in your calendar: 01 - 21 March; 11:00-21:00 at D~ba in the E-ma building in Osaka.

BIG THANKS to Tetsuya, Duncan -- and Lucia Baeza for the illustrations!